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About Us

Home Opportunities was founded by a group of dedicated professionals who strive to develop housing that is accessible to everyone and strengthens communities.

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Founded on the principal that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to own a home.

Using a unique model to introduce the most affordable home ownership opportunities available on the market.

Working towards more cost effective, inclusive housing solutions.

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Recognizing the importance of housing as a first step to financial strength.

Working on large scale developments across Ontario, with a primary focus on the GTA.

Working with Opportunities for Change organizations to support international housing, indigenous communities and economic development.

Why we're here.


We are working towards a world where home ownership is possible for all communities across the globe, supporting economic development and reducing poverty.


1. Develop high quality homes that households are proud to own.

2. Give individuals and families the opportunity to own despite difficult financial, and other situations.

3. To promote sustainability through all our practises.







Meet the Team

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Founder & CEO

Mike Labbe

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Michel (Mike) Labbé, MSM,  is an Urban and Regional Planning Graduate from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.  He has been involved in the production of affordable housing for 40 years.

Originally working on subsidized rental projects with Lantana Non-profit then in 1992, Mike founded Options for Homes.  As President of Options For Homes, Mike was instrumental in developing thousands of households across 12 developments.  Options for Homes has become an important part of the Social Enterprise movement and has provided homes to over 6500 households across Canada.  In 2015, Mike shifted his focus to Options International to implement our model globally in order to aid with alleviating poverty - reaching over 22 countries.

Now he has dedicated his time to a new cost-effective home ownership model using his knowledge built over the years, which led to the creation of Home Opportunities.

Mike has been honoured for his work over the years as an Affordable Housing Champion by the City of Toronto in 2010, the Canadian Urban Institute Local Hero Award in 2008, and most notably, a recipient of a Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) from the Governor General of Canada in 2016. 

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Opportunities for Change
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A collection of groups that focus on developing cost-effective homes.

Unique businesses that focus on a variety of social endeavors.

Implementing our unique housing model across the world.

Using our model to re-invest funds back into the community.

This is your opportunity to own.
Are you ready to take the first step?

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