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Limbe & Buea, Cameroon 

Options for Homes Cameroon is led by Mr. Henry Neba Awantoh and Valentine Ewane, and several others dedicated team members. Together they have over 10 years of working experience for international business and social enterprises, including creating a successful agriculture export business. He has a passion for empowering his fellow Cameroonians through home ownership and employment opportunities.

The sales in Cameroon are progressing well! Homes are currently available on two sites, including Ocean View Estate I and II in Limbe, and Mountain View Estate in Buea.


Options for Homes Cameroons’ Ocean View Estate is a unique development creating a ‘village feel’ in the heart of the city of Limbe. The development will feature communal outdoor space and offer shared facilities for home owners. Ocean View Estate is being built on 15 hectares of land located only one kilometer from the Ocean. The homes are designed in contemporary Cameroonian style and provide maximum functionality for families.  Options for Homes is dedicated to providing an affordable housing solution that compliments Cameroonian lifestyle.

Ocean View Estate home owners can enjoy views of the Atlantic Ocean and Mount Cameroon mountain ranges.  The close proximity to the ocean and local businesses makes the location very desirable for all types of demographic groups. Ocean View Estate is also an excellent location for ex-patriots who are looking for a home away from home.  

Ocean View Estate is conveniently located near public transportation.  The major roadway SONARA to Limbe and from SONARA to other west coast towns is only 150 meters from the development site. The location offers easy accessibility to provisional stores.

The advanced design and construction techniques used are applied to provide owners quality homes at affordable prices. The gentle slope and strategic placement of the homes provide owners remarkable views that overlook the ocean. Ocean View Estate offers a beautiful paved boulevard lined with trees, sidewalks, and green spaces that lead toward the ocean.


The Mountain View Estate located in Buea, the capital of the southwest region of Cameroon is OHHCOOP’S second development in Cameroon. It is conceived as a modern, medium density mixed income community. The Estate is to evolve a community structure that will be self-sufficient especially with respect to the provision of social, cultural and community maintenance needs. More fundamentally, it is to integrate the Mountain View Estate into the overall socio-cultural and economic structure of the municipality in which it is situated.

Buea hosts the first anglophone university in Cameroon, the University of Buea, located 15 minutes from the Estate. The Catholic institute of Buea, the central market and the Molyko Sport Complex located around the Estate are also part of community facilities offered in the area.

Mountain View Estate, Buea is located behind the renewed Molyko Stadium from where the eastern sight on Mt Cameroon is just masterful. The development site covers an area of 7 hectares and shares common boundaries with CDC management residence to the North, Catholic Mission to the East and Molyko Stadium to the South. The terrain is completely flat in the entire surface.

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