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A collection of non-profit groups, social enterprises, private sector organizations and individuals that are working towards the Home Opportunities vision.

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Our non-profit model is founded on the principal of using the surplus from our developments and social enterprises to improve society and the planet.

Community Wealth Non-Profit provides funding for to create more affordable housing opportunities through down payment loans, social enterprise funding, and more.

These are the key activities that can reduce poverty, improve society and protect the planet.

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Community Wealth

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Housing Coalitions

Housing designed for those in the workforce - individuals with jobs paying only slightly above minimum wage primarily in the service industry.

The housing market in Toronto and around the world eliminates the opportunity for the majority of the population be able to own a home and leaves renting as the only option. The Housing Coalitions are working to change that.

Using our cost effective housing model, we focus on providing high quality homes at affordable prices to give everyone the opportunity to own.

While Home Opportunities started with housing, it certainly does not end there. 

We are proud to support a number of different non-profits from local, sustainable fisheries on Baffin Island to Greenhouse developments with indigenous youth north of Angus, Ontario.

We believe that it is critical to support organizations of all kinds in order to work on alleviating poverty.

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Social Enterprises

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