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Community Wealth

A venture capital fund focused on poverty alleviation through housing, job creation and life skills training.

Community Wealth Co-operative provides early stage funding and financial guarantees to a select group of emerging social enterprises focused on creating cost-effective homes, sustainable livelihoods and renewable energy.   

How does it work?

Our co-operative non-profit model is founded on the principal of using the surplus from our developments and social entreprises to improve society and the planet.

Surplus/profit is transferred to Community Wealth Co-operative Corporation whose mandate is to lend at least 60% of its funding to develop cost effective ownership housing, up to 30% for job creation, and up to 10% for capacity building and education.

These are the key activities that can reduce poverty, improve society and protect the planet.

Past & Present Partners

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This is your opportunity to own.

Are you ready to take the first step?

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