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Housing Coalitions

A group of organizations working together to provide poverty solutions through housing

Housing designed for those in the workforce - individuals with jobs paying only slightly above minimum wage primarily in the service industry.

The housing market in Toronto and around the world eliminates the opportunity for the majority of the population be able to own a home and leaves renting as the only option. We want to change that.

The Workforce Housing Coalition is a group of organizations working together to provide cost effective housing and poverty solutions.

Group of major charities supporting the development of large scale housing projects providing homes for a full range of incomes and supporting programs to allow residents to be successful.

Using our cost effective housing model, we focus on providing high quality homes at affordable prices to give everyone the opportunity to own.


Community Wealth Workforce Housing Coalition

Composed of major charities who recognize the need to scale up production of affordable housing regardless of tenure. Affordable housing is an important part of any long-term improvement to our society.

Housing Delivery

Composed of private sector companies actively involved in developing the best practices needed to produce affordable housing at a scale and price that will help eliminate the need for grants and subsidies. 


Housing Supply

Composed of Co-operatives, non-profits and Credit Unions who wish to develop and participate in solutions for the housing needs of Low-income households without the need for grants, subsidies, and tax credits.


Community Wealth Workforce Housing Coalition

Housing Delivery

Housing Supply

The Neighbourhood Group
United Way Greater Toronto: 
North York Community House
Building Up
Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto
Barbara Schlifer Commemorative Clinic
Circle of Care Sinai Health System
YMCA of Greater Toronto

Luma Care
Houselink Community Homes: 
Keller Williams advantage Path Team Realty
Mainstay Housing
Meridian Cre
dit Union
Woodgreen Community Services
Autism Ontario
Jane Finch Centre
Canadian Mental H
ealth Association, Toronto 
Yee Hong Center for Geriatric Care

The Neighbourhood Group
Community Wealth Co-operative Corporation
Ontario Co-operative Association
Roots to Roofs
Cohousing Options Canada Non-profit Corporation
Vancity Community Investment Bank: 
Meridian Credit Union
Alterna Credit Union
Libro Credit Union
First Ontario Credit Union
Northern Credit Union
University Health Network
Toronto Metropolitan University

Markee Developments 
Path Real Estate Team: 
Architecture Unfolded:
Nidus 3D: 
Evolve Builders Group Inc.:
Coldwell Banker Peter Benninger Realty, Brokerage
Argo Development Corporation 

Deltera Construction

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