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Our Model

With over 40 years of housing experience, Home Opportunities founder,  Mike Labbé has now developed a model that allows people with incomes as low as $35,000 to become homeowners.

Here's how we do it...

Image by Hannah Busing

Non-Profit Model

Using a non-profit model, Home Opportunities transfers all surplus/profits to Community Wealth - a co-operative that's purpose is to hold capital and re-invest it back into providing more cost effective housing, job creation, and education.

Down Payment Loan

Through Community Wealth, we are able to take these savings and turn them into a loan for purchasers of up to 20% or more towards their downpayments. The loans do not have to be repaid as long as you live in your home.

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Development Costs

By providing basic but high quality finishes, eliminating expensive amenities, optional upgrades, simplifying our designs, and using other unique innovations we are able to produce the most cost effective buildings.

Reduced Fees & Expenses 

Our developments all feature amenity spaces including meeting rooms, exercise rooms, and a terrace but cut out extremities like a gyms, pools and saunas. These savings are passed on to you through lower initial costs of the unit and monthly condo fees.

Image by Diego PH

Simple Marketing

By cutting presentation centers and costly advertising methods, Home Opportunities saves thousands of dollars per unit. We are focused on simple advertising methods, and information sessions that allow everyone to ask any and all questions.

Government Partnerships

Over the years, we have successfully established governments partnerships at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels. These partnerships are a key part of the model and we wouldn't be able to produce the prices we can without them.


This is your opportunity to own.

Are you ready to take the first step?

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